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At Cypress In-Line Inspection, LLC, we have set out to develop the leading next generation of Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) in-line inspection tools in the industry. Our technology uses a clean sheet design for in-line inspection to offer ultra-high definition condition assessments.

Leaders in the Industry

Cypress In-Line Inspection has assembled a world-class team of experts with decades of experience working in the industry. They have worked with most of the leading companies and continue to be subject matter experts in their fields. Our team has continued to build upon the technology of our Company’s founder and in-line inspection pioneer, Dr. Phil Hoyt PhD, who obtained his doctorate at Stanford University and served as a professor there and University of Wyoming.

Best in Class Ultra-High Resolution Inspection Tools that Allow Owners to Better Assess the Integrity of their Pipelines.

Cypress In-Line Inspection, LLC (“Cypress”) and its predecessors have been working for over thirty years developing its proprietary pipeline condition assessment magnetic flux leakage detection (“MFL”) tools and software to inspect pipelines. MFL is a method of nondestructive evaluation (“NDE”) to inspect pipelines. Cypress offers best in class ultra-high resolution MFL tools for traditional energy pipelines, and we offer the unique capability to inspect large diameter (48” and greater) mortar-lined water pipelines. Some refer to this as “Smart Pigging” which has been widely used in unlined steel pipelines in the petroleum, petroleum products, natural gas and liquefied gas transportation industry since the mid 1960's. MFL inspection is the correlation of changes in a magnetic field caused by pipeline defects to the dimensions of the defect.

Learn About

Learn About

The EcoVision in-line inspection tools represent the latest advances in MFL technology. The industry has just moved into 5G, much like how we have seen televisions and mobile phones benefit from these technologies.

MFL technologies provide the owner of energy or municipal water pipelines with critical information about their condition. This technology functions much like how MRI machines provide a doctor with a view of the human body.

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Our state-of-the-art data analysis software has been developed over three decades. This technology allows our customers and data analysts to determine metal loss, corrosion, dents, and their precise location on the pipe wall and its GPS location.

Our Valued Customers

We are extremely proud of our impressive track record of first-run success with excellent data across all types of energy and municipal water pipelines. Our highly respected customers include:

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Our goal is to provide our customers with state of the art data and information about the condition of their pipeline utilizing our proprietary 5G ILI MFL tools and our data analysis software.