In-Line MFL Pipeline Inspection

Cypress In-Line Inspection, LLC offers professional pipeline inspection services to customers in the energy and water industries. Through our advanced technological solutions, you can be assured that you will receive accurate data for your pipelines.

Benefits of In-Line Inspection

By utilizing this process, you can protect people, property, and the environment. Our best-in-class, ultra-high-resolution inspection tools allow owners to better assess the integrity of their pipelines.

Our Advanced MFL Tools

Cypress In-Line Inspection, LLC and its predecessors have been working for more than 30 years, developing proprietary pipeline MFL leakage detection tools. This process is a method of nondestructive evaluation to inspect pipelines.

What is MFL?

We offer the best MFL tools for traditional pipelines that offer the unique capability to inspect energy pipelines of multiple different diameters, and large-diameter (48” and greater) mortar-lined water pipelines.

Commonly referred to as “smart pigging,” this process is widely used in unlined steel pipelines in the petroleum and natural gas industries since the 1960s.

Benefits of MFL Inspection

By performing an MFL inspection, you can find the correlation of changes in a magnetic field caused by pipeline defects. We provide clients with a complete circumferential assessment of corrosion and other metal loss anomalies along the pipeline.

The system can operate in various diameter energy pipelines as well as internally and externally coated water pipelines. Our proprietary technology identifies metal loss features by length, width, and depth.

By performing MFL inspections, we allow clients to make preventative integrity management decisions before failure. A continuing program of inspecting pipelines helps maintain the systems and plan for the future and protect the environment.

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5G Ultra-High Resolution MFL In-Line Inspection Tools

Cypress In-Line Inspection, LLC continues to build upon thirty five years of experience to bring customers best in class images and data about their pipeline condition with excellent first run success.

Why Choose Our Tools

You can trust that our equipment is developed using cutting-edge technology and techniques. The pipeline inspection industry has moved onto 5th generation technology just like televisions and mobile phones.

Benefits of MFL Technology

MFL technology provides the owner of energy or municipal water pipeline with all the critical information they need. This allows them to assess the condition of their pipeline much like how a doctor uses an MRI in health care.