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Municipal Water In-Line
Inspection Services

We offer municipalities the ability to inspect their mortar-lined steel pipelines.

About Our MFL Tools

The MFL tools we use utilize extra high-resolution principles and data analysis. It samples the magnetic leakage field from two to four times as frequently as most other tools. Each tool is equipped with:

  • Extra High Resolution (XHR) MFL
  • Combined Geometry Sensors
  • Uniform Sensor Spacing
  • 1.5D Bend Capability
  • 25% Bore Reduction Capability
  • Tool Specifications

    All large-diameter, cement mortar-lined steel pipes are candidates for extra high-resolution MFL inspection tools, such as:

    • Water Distribution and Main Inspection
    • Water Utilities and Authorities
    • Pen Stocks

    Capabilities of Our Tool

    Our team can also run the tool in non-coated pipelines and can inspect the pipelines for ovality, dents, and wrinkles in the pipeline. Typically, this “geometry run” is performed before the MFL inspection run.

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